[drip] Mountain 2024: [drip] by Trae's Unconventional Après-Ski Campaign

[drip] Mountain 2024: [drip] by Trae's Unconventional Après-Ski Campaign

As the snow-capped peaks of Ontario's ski resorts beckon adventurers and fashion enthusiasts alike, there's a new player in town disrupting the traditional après-ski scene. [drip] by Trae, a local Toronto swimwear brand, has set its sights on the slopes, orchestrating a campaign that's turning heads in more ways than one.

In a bold move that has all eyes on them, [drip] by Trae has launched its [drip] Mountain 2024 campaign, securing exclusive access to Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area for a one-of-a-kind photo shoot and event. But this isn't your typical ski resort affair. Instead of the usual ski gear and cozy knits, the models are sporting [drip] by Trae's vibrant swimwear designs, defying convention and challenging the notion that swimwear is only for the beach.

Partnering up with another local Canadian brand, M.A. Skinz, known for their luxurious fur accessories, [drip] by Trae is creating an unforgettable après-ski vibe that blends high fashion with alpine chic. Picture this: sleek swimsuits paired with sumptuous fur coats, sunglasses glinting in the winter sun as skiers glide down the slopes in the background. It's a scene straight out of a fashion editorial, but with a distinctly Canadian twist.

By renting out a ski hill for their [drip] Mountain 2024 campaign, they're not just showcasing their bold designs; they're making a statement about swimwear for every destination, whether it's lounging on a tropical beach or hitting the slopes in the winter.

But perhaps what's most commendable about [drip] by Trae is their commitment to supporting the local economy. As a newcomer in the swimwear industry, they understand the importance of working hand in hand with other local brands to boost the community and showcase the talent that Toronto has to offer. By partnering with M.A. Skinz, they're not only creating stunning visuals; they're also championing homegrown talent and fostering collaboration within the Canadian fashion scene.

In a world where many countries experience vastly different seasons, [drip] by Trae offers a refreshing perspective, showcasing that swimwear is not limited to just one time of the year. Their innovative designs defy traditional boundaries, demonstrating that swimwear can be versatile enough for any season, whether it's the hot days of summer or the snowy slopes of winter. So, as you gear up for your next outdoor adventure, whether it's skiing in the Alps or sunbathing in the Caribbean, keep an eye out for the unexpected sight of vibrant swimwear amidst the typical winter attire. It's the unmistakable signature of [drip] by Trae, leaving an impression wherever it goes.

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